What Are The Inspection Methods Of Galvanized Plate?

- Oct 18, 2017 -

In the inspection of galvanized sheet, the following points are included:

1, packaging: generally divided into galvanized sheet and roll galvanized sheet two kinds of packaging. Metal packaging lined with moisture-proof paper, outside the iron waist tied. Tied is solid enough to prevent the friction between the built-in galvanized sheet.

2, Size specifications:The width and length of the galvanized sheet board can be made in accordance with the requirements of the user to produce, but the standards of relevant product are listed the recommended standard thickness, length and width and its allowable deviation.

3, Appearance: galvanized sheet is processed by the different ways, so the state of galvanized sheet surface is not the same. The use of galvanized sheet and the galvanized coil shall not be affected by length. However, the coil plate may have some abnormal parts such as welding parts.

4, Galvanized amount: galvanized standard value refers to the thickness of the galvanized sheet ,it is a common use of the measure method. There are two sides of the same amount of galvanized (ie, thick galvanized) and the amount of galvanized on both sides of the different (that is, thick galvanized) two. The unit of galvanizing is g / m2.

5, mechanical properties: a, tensile test: Generally only structural use, stretching with the galvanized sheet is a tensile requirement. b, bending test: This is the test is to measure the performance of the main sheet of the project, but the national standards for a variety of galvanized sheet requirements are not consistent. General requirements galvanized sheet bending 180o, the outer surface shall not have zinc layer separation, the board must not have cracks and fracture.

6, chemical composition: because the national standards are not the same, so the chemical composition of galvanized sheet requirements are not the same. Such as Japan is not required, but the United States requires the general product does not test;

7, plate shape: measure the shape of good or bad there are two indicators, namely flatness and sickle bend. The flatness of the plate and the maximum permissible value of the sickle bend are specified.