The Quality Influence Factors Of Color Coated Steel Coil: Substrate Cladding Material

- Nov 14, 2017 -


The cladding material thickness of coated sheet, like galvanized steel sheet, galvalume steel sheet, chromeplate steel sheet, is the most important guarantee condition to determine the corrosion resistance. The greater the thickness of the coating, the better the corrosion resistance, and it has been proved by many acceleration tests and high intensity exposure tests.

For the color coated steel coil with the substrate of galvanized steel sheet or galvalume steel sheet, the thickness of cladding material mainly influence the incision corrosion performance of color coated steel coil. The thinner the substrate, the thicker the coating, the better the incision corrosion performance.

International is currently recognized that when the zinc layer is greater than or equal to 100 g / square, it is effective to prevent the incision corrosion performance. Like the 0.5mm substrate, its single-sided coating per square content should be at least 50 grams / square.

In view of the importance of substrate cladding material, the technicists in HUADA suggest that users should particular attention to coating thickness when purchasing coated steel sheet. It will decide the service time of coated steel sheet, and the right material can greatly reduce the use of cost. It is often recommend that galvanized content should be not less than 120 grams per square meter, and galvalume content is not less than 100 grams per square meter.