The Oscillation Pattern Of Galvanized Coil Plate Is Difficult To Change

- May 18, 2017 -

Since the opening of the Spring Festival, most of the business of coated coil plates has been poorly traded. Mainstream manufacturers coated products March The price of the factory is still to stabilize the main upward, the corresponding increase in the cost of arrival of traders, the demand has not yet fully started, not excluding the possibility of price hanging upside down. and private manufacturers of domestic orders just started, the export situation is equally optimistic. Coupled with a large range of precipitation in some parts of the country, prices are always in a volatile consolidation state.

According to industry agency price monitoring data show, Shanghai market 1.0mm MA Steel resource quotation for 4950 yuan/ton, 1.0mm Wisco resources quotation for 4600 yuan/ton, 1.0mm Shougang resource quotation for 4650 yuan/ton, the same specification of Benxi steel without flower resources quotation for 4720 yuan/ton, private 0.3mm Wuhu Heng Tatsu Quotation for 4300 yuan/ton, than before the spring festival fell a small 20 yuan/ton. At present, the market price of the galvanized coil plate is 4620 yuan/ton, compared with the high level of 4942 yuan/ton of the same period last year, fell 322 yuan/ton, decreased to 6.5%.

Since December 2013, the Shanghai market galvanized coil Inventory is a ladder-like continuous upward, compared with the same period last year (as shown in the figure). According to statistics, the current Shanghai market galvanized coil Inventory of about 137,200 tons, compared to last year's highest point of 158,000 tons dropped 20,800 tons, the decline of 13%.

First of all, the zinc plating coil market inventories fell sharply because the overall trend of steel market last year is poor, traders look at the late-stage market, cautious ordering, reasonable arrangement of inventory, even after the long spring holiday demand stagnation, funds and inventories can still maintain a reasonable level. Second, the traditional mode of trade in the gradual transformation, some steel mills agreed to choose to cut the amount of agreement or not signing the agreement. In the case of high capital costs and low orders, adhere to the "cash for King". Thirdly, steel mills are more dispatched and more high-end resources are sent directly to end-users.