The District People's Bureau Delivers Service To The Door Of Huada

- Jan 09, 2018-

The District People's bureau delivers service to the door of Huada

The afternoon of November 9th, District Deputy Director of social Bureau Wang Xiaojun and various departments responsible for a line of 9 people to visit China than material, face-to-face talks with 15 companies responsible for Da Yuan Zhen's human resources, for the enterprise encountered in operation of human resources and social security and other issues, in answering questions.

All the brothers have put forward to their superiors the doubts and difficulties that they have encountered in the management of enterprises, especially the difficult problems which are difficult to recruit workers and are more difficult to stay. The person in charge of various departments of the Bureau of people's social Bureau answered these questions in detail. In addition to some policy guidance and explanation, they put forward some suggestions and suggestions on how to reduce employment risks and how to improve corporate culture.

China than material as a leading enterprise in Dayuan Town, actively sharing their practices and experience to the enterprise by the brothers, you praise.

HUADA is a large private enterprise group,with collection of steel industry,real estate,investment.Group has set up Zhejiang HUADA New Materials CO.,LTD,Hangzhou PUYIN Metal Material CO.,LTD,Zhejiang longxiang real estate CO.,LTD,ZHEFENG small loan CO.,LTD.The company now has total assets of $ 2 billion ,more than 1500 employees and technicians.Company for 19 years was named”bank credit AAA grade”company ,is the top 500 private enterprises and high-tech enterprises in Zhejiang Province,famous corporation name enterprise.In 2015,the group achieve output of 3.0 billion yuan