Surface And Mechanical Properties Of Galvanized Sheet

- May 17, 2017 -

(1) Surface state: Galvanized plate due to the treatment of coating process, the surface state is different, such as ordinary zinc flower, fine zinc flower, flat zinc flower, zinc-free flower and phosphating treatment surface. German standards also stipulate that there are surface levels.

(2) Galvanized plate should have a good appearance, no harmful defects in the use of products, such as non-plating, holes, rupture and floating slag, over the plating thickness, scratch, chrome acid dirt, white rust and so on. Foreign standards are not very clear about the specific appearance defects. Some specific defects should be listed on the contract when ordering.

(3) Bending test: Bending test is the main project to measure the process performance of thin plates, but the standards of various countries are not consistent with the requirements of Shenyang galvanized sheet, and the United States standards in addition to structural level, the rest do not require bending and tensile tests. In Japan, in addition to structural level, architectural corrugated plates and general corrugated board, the rest of the requirements for bending test.