Production Process Of Galvanized Sheet

- May 17, 2017 -

Plating tip is a horizontal type of insoluble anode spray. This slot has the following advantages:

1 The horizontal design strip belt is easy, the plating support is simple;

2 The spray system allows high current density, providing the possibility for high speed production;

3 No need to replace the anode;

A more varieties of coatings, good quality, easy to operate.

(3) Energy and solution consumption is low. All kinds of solution of the unit adopts high-pressure injection method, which can reduce the consumption of solution to a minimum.

(a) The recoil Groove type phosphating Mandarin. The phosphating trough of this structure can accelerate the completion of the reaction, allowing the strip to pass at high speeds,

3 benevolence. There is no silt blockage.

6.2.5 quality, standard for zinc plating

The quality requirements of galvanized sheet include appearance defects, galvanized fish, size, shape and mechanical properties. Different countries ' standards, according to Japan's JISG3313 standard, the quality of galvanized sheet metal requirements are mainly the following aspects.