Landscape Fenced Steel Plate Change Gallery

- Jan 21, 2018 -

Landscape fenced steel plate change Gallery

Using the construction enclosure to promote the development of Haikou, it can not only improve the beauty of the city, but also embody the details of the city management. The picture is the enclosure of the international commercial square of the east station, which has been beautified and promoted.

This newspaper January 18th hearing recently, careful citizens will find that many urban construction sites in Haikou are quietly changed, bright triangular plum, beautiful urban scenery, and socialist core values full of positive energy. A variety of beautiful patterns have been painted on one side, which not only obstruct the dust and noise of the site, but also become a new window for the publicity of the city image. 18, the reporter learned from relevant departments, roads, airports, docks, stations surrounding the project must set Weidang before January 27th according to the requirements of the implementation will be dealt with severely.

Building a new landscape in the city

About construction site, many people will be together and dust and noise, although many of the construction site Weidang has slowly transformed into a brick wall from the tube frame and a color plate surrounded, but the long blue color plate looks very monotonous, and even become the main position of many small ads, serious influence the city environment. With the Haikou city to increase the pace of updating, the construction site Weidang also began to "beautify", from a wall of simple wall success turn into the image of the city of Haikou and the city of civilization "advocates".

On the evening of 18, reporters at the construction site of the East Commercial International Plaza on the first stage of construction is looking at the construction site near the side of the road, which is 250 meters long. As night fell, the lights around the lamp block, to the city at night to add luster. Xie Yuanzhi, the citizen, said that every time he took the bus through the West intersection of Fengxiang, he saw the public service ads, and it felt very good.

Meanwhile, reporters in Haikou Binjiang West Road to the airport to see the direction, the right hand side of the construction site or idle land has basically completed the fence beautification promotion. Before the height is not enough, all have been upgraded to 2.5 meters, and the socialist core values, triangular plum, city scenery and other themes to show the beauty of Haikou. Some other construction sites in Haikou City, some even dismantle the color steel plates that affect the urban landscape, and replace the greening vegetation close to the surrounding environment.

The degree of beautification of the enclosure should also be improved

Reporters from the Haikou Municipal Housing Construction Bureau, in January 1st this year, Haikou city for new construction permits projects are required to set the construction site Weidang, do Weidang "purification, greening, landscaping, lighting, color of" five work.

At the same time, the reporter also learned that the day before, the provincial housing department to organize the preparation of the "Hainan province construction site Weidang standard implementation guide", requires all cities and counties should attach great importance to the project main sections of the urban landscape and city roads, airports, docks, stations, plazas and provincial key projects surrounding Weidang in particular, provincial and municipal government office area, hot tourist attractions and major venues around the road of the enclosure facade should adopt green steel basket or garden beautification activities pendant enclosure, other sections of the construction of enclosure is set according to the relevant requirements.

The city and county quality supervision station to increase the daily inspection inspections, supervise the area rectification construction projects within the scope of the completion of the rectification according to the implementation of "guidelines" in January 27, 2018, the provincial housing department will timely carry out special inspections on the implementation of "guidelines" according to the requirements of the implementation of the project seriously, according to the "Hainan province construction market integrity evaluation of management measures (Trial)" article SG-C03-55 included bad behavior record, 3 points deduction processing.