How To Clean Galvanized Steel? Method 3

- Nov 10, 2017 -


How To Clean Galvanized Steel? Method 3:Cleaning off Paint

1 Scrape the initial paint off with a wooden or plastic scraper. Do not use a metal scraping device to get paint off galvanized steel because it can easily scratch it and ruin its surface.Work your way around and remove the paint in large chunks, then concentrate on the smaller pieces next. Don't worry about getting it all, because you will be using a chemical process to eliminate the rest of the paint.

(1)If the paint is fresh and wet, skip this step and go to step two in this method.

(2)You can also use sandpaper or a wire brush to remove stuck on paint or rust from your galvanized steel. Be warned that this may cause discoloration, so if you need to maintain your steel aesthetically, these would not be good tools to use.

2 Scrub new paint with a standard paint thinner. If the paint is fresh, you can use a nylon brush and paint thinner to remove it from your galvanized steel.Add paint thinner to your galvanized metal with a rag and proceed to work it in with your nylon brush.

3 Wipe your steel with a non-alkaline stripper for hard paint. Paint that has dried and has become hard is harder to remove. Luckily, many paints react poorly with the zinc found in galvanized steel and will peel and chip once dry, making it easier for you to clean.

Apply your stripper with a rag and scrub it in with a nylon or plastic bristled brush.

4 Rinse your paint remover thoroughly after washing. Any chemicals left over can change the hue of your steel in the future. Make sure to wash away any remaining residue by running your steel under fresh water.