How To Clean Galvanized Steel? Method 2

- Nov 10, 2017-


How To Clean Galvanized Steel? Method 2: Removing Wet Storage Spots

1 Mix one part ammonia to ten parts fresh water in a bucket. You can purchase ammonia cleaning products at most major department stores. Mix the ammonia cleaner and the water into a bucket and use the solution to clean your galvanized steel.

(1)Wear gloves or the ammonia can cause irritation and chemical burns on exposed skin.

(2)You can also use CLR, lime juice, Rust Dissolver, 10G or white vinegar as an alternative to ammonia to remove wet storage stains from your galvanized steel.

2 Dip a durable nylon brush into the solution and wipe down your steel. Dip a nylon brush into the solution and scrub down your steel using a circular motion. Make sure to pay attention to problem areas.The white substance should start to come off as you clean.

3 Request the use of chemical passivating treatments. The steel manufacturer may be able to provide these treatments to you at a cost. Chemical passivating reduces the likelihood of wet storage spots or "white rust" from appearing on your steel. The process covers the steel with a thin layer of water-based chromate coating, which can further protect it from being affected by the environment.

Spending the extra money passivating your steel may save you money in the long run because you won't have to pay for replacement steel.

4 Rinse your steel with water and allow it to dry thoroughly. Use fresh water when rinsing your galvanized steel. Any chemicals that remain on its surface may corrode or destroy steel's coating over time.

5 Avoid storing your steel in damp or poorly ventilated areas. Improperly storing your steel can create wet storage stains on them.Instead of stacking your steel, make sure that you put it on an angle so it can properly drain if it gets wet. Accumulation of water over time can create zinc deposits that form on the top of your steel.