How To Clean Galvanized Steel? Method 1

- Nov 10, 2017 -


Galvanized steel is steel that has a tightly bonded zinc coating that prevents corrosion and increases the steel's longevity and durability.Galvanized steel can often be found in sheet metal, gutters, and car doors and hoods.While galvanized steel remains resistant to rusting, it can still get dirty and should be handled with care. If you take care of your galvanized steel and clean it regularly, you can increase its longevity and maintain its appearance for a long time.

Method 1:Cleaning Off Dirt and Mud

1 Wipe down your galvanized steel with a damp rag. An initial cleaning with a rag dipped in fresh water will remove any dirt or streaks on your galvanized steel. Regular maintenance will reduce the amount of dirt and chemical buildup that forms on your steel over time and will make cleaning easier in the future.

2 Scrub your steel with a brush and a detergent solution. Use a tablespoon (14.79 milliliters) of laundry detergent and mix it into a bucket of water. Make sure to do a thorough scrubbing over the surface of your steel and pay particular attention to problem areas where dirt or mud has built up. Use a nylon or plastic brush because other brushes can interact with the steel and alter its color.

(1)Do not use harsh cleaners. A cleaner with a pH of more than 12 to 13 can begin to dissolve the zinc in your galvanized steel.

(2)Washing steel in this way may make areas that you clean look uneven compared to the areas that you don't.

(3)Abrasive overwashing of your galvanized steel will reduce the steel's lifecycle and wear out the zinc coating. Scrub your galvanized steel sparingly.

3 Use a car wash or truck wash to clean your steel. Truck and car washes are made to reduce the potential for corrosion, and will typically also be well-suited to clean your galvanized steel. Remember to rinse your steel thoroughly with cold water after using the cleaner.

(1)Make sure to read the back of the car wash for directions and warnings.

(2)You can pick up car wash at an automotive store, department store, or online.

(3)Most contemporary cars use galvanized steel to prevent rusting.

4 Spray your steel with a low-pressure washer for larger areas. If you have a large area of galvanized steel to clean, like a roof or the siding on a building, using a pressure washer will save you time and effort. This is also a way to quickly rinse off any chemicals or cleaners you may have used to clean your steel.

Make sure that your pressure washer is lower than 1450 psi, or it may remove the coating on your steel.