Fire Prevention Suggestions On Color Steel Plate

- Jun 10, 2018 -

The use of color steel products know that fire prevention is the biggest problem, the news about the fire of color steel plate is a continuous stream. In fact, the most fundamental problem is not the quality of the product, but the proper selection of the product, the use of the standard, this is very important. Here are some suggestions on fire protection for color steel plates.

(1) the continuous progress of color steel plate products, want to complete fire protection, the safety of use, the selection of good fire-resistant color steel plate, such as rock wool color steel plate, such color steel plate is almost nonflammable. This product has been widely used, and the used customers have said it well.

(2) the use of color steel products in the process must be far away from the fire source, if the selection of color steel plate is a general foam steel plate, it is best not to set up a kitchen in the color steel plate room, so far away from the fire source naturally will not bring fire.

(3) in the color steel plate products do not use excessive power and illegal electrical appliances, so that the fire caused by leakage should be avoided, wire and cable should not be crossed from the core material of color steel plate.

(4) there must be a fire extinguisher, such as fire extinguisher, in the movable room of color steel plate, which is convenient to extinguish in time of fire. If the condition is good, the fire alarm can be installed so that people can escape the fire quickly and avoid casualties.

(5) the distance between color plates must be kept at least 6 meters, this is also very important, the regular responsible manufacturer will pay attention to this, the user must not dismantle the color steel plate privately, must notify the manufacturer's professional.

The use of color steel products, as long as the careful attention to these points, can reduce the possibility of fire, can not ignore some details, the fire is likely to be caused by details, believe that you have paid attention to these problems, when the use of color steel products, it will be very safe, will not lead to the occurrence of fire.