Asia Galvanized Sheet Export Price Softening

- May 18, 2017 -

The price of galvanized steel in Asia is now declining as a result of the depressed market sentiment. In the past two weeks, China's zinc-plated exports have declined about $20 billion per ton, such as the price of the 1mm roll plate has fallen to 750~770 USD/ton (FOB).

A trader in Hong Kong explains that recent market purchases are slowing, and the orders for 1mm galvanized coil plates are not much. The main reason is that European buyers have slowed the import speed, such as shipments of September products can now be available. A trader in Singapore analyses that it is now relaxing, and buyers are no longer pursuing quotes because they want to wait and see if prices will fall again. Last week, China 1mm galvanized coil plate is quoted as 800~810 USD/ton (CFR Southeast Asia).

Apparently, the price of galvanized products has fallen. Traders said the day before yesterday (July 17) They had booked up to 780 USD/ton (CFR Malaysia) price. According to the introduction, because of the cold rolled coil and galvanized sheet stock of small quantities, the market also some buyers want to purchase. But their purchases are not a lot, because the prices of these products are too high, such as the Indian 0.7mm galvanized coil now offer at least 800 USD/ton (CFR Southeast Asia) around.