What's the price of color steel rolls?

- Mar 04, 2018-

A lot of the production of household electrical appliances products manufacturers, products for production requirements are very high, which made the most commonly used is the steel roll, perhaps everyone to color volume is very strange, even do not know what is the color steel roll, steel roll is what to do with it, how to price in the market? If we don't know or not, we can see that we had so many doubts about the color steel coil. In this case, let's know the color steel coil together with Xiaobian.

We have said in the steel volume in normal life for roll coating or color coated steel plate, it is a kind of surface degreasing continuous production line strip after transfer map processing and chemical phosphating, and then coated with a strip of organic coatings after high temperature baking products, general in this case, the surface of steel plate are compared with bright colors, we also put this plate called the color plate and color coated sheet.

For the use of steel roll, producing different products we have to choose the color of different volumes, here is simple to introduce the steel roll type, it is divided into five categories, namely several types of household electrical appliances, optical materials, decorative materials, building materials, packaging, in which production process of steel rolls of household appliances is the finest and most perfect, of course, this kind of steel coil production requirements is relatively much higher.

The society continues to progress, of course, can not lose its color roll pace, in the future steel production volume will use high-grade substrate production, of course, this requires the substrate shape, size and so on are very accurate, then the selection of substrate use a more complete solution set of facilities and improved (stability and stronger environmental performance) processing, makes the steel volume higher strength, color is more rich, more able to meet the consumer demand.

Finally, we take a look at the color coated steel coil in the market price situation is how, in general, calculation of steel volume price in the market, we must first know the length, width, color volume is high, the unit price per ton and its density clearly, then we can calculate the volume, color the length width height and density in multiplied, divided by 1000000, multiplied by the price per ton at the end of it, we can calculate out of it.