What is a fluorocarbon plate?

- Apr 15, 2018-

Fluorocarbon coated steel sheet is a metal baking coating plate coated with fluorocarbon coating containing PVDF fluorocarbon resin on the metal plate and baked at high temperature.

History of fluorocarbon coatings

The fluorocarbon coatings were first developed in 1961 and formally entered the market in 1965. The coatings were mainly used in major projects such as nuclear power plants, and later extended to advanced commercial buildings and public buildings. It has been used more and more widely in recent years. At present, the United States accounts for 60% of the use of the United States, 10% in Europe and 30% in Asia (mainly in Japan and South Korea). In recent years, China has gradually realized its excellent performance and used the product more and more widely.

Production of fluorocarbon coatings

To ensure that the paint factory produces qualified fluorocarbon coatings, PVDF fluorocarbon suppliers only grant the purchase licenses to those who can guarantee the production of excellent fluorocarbon products to guarantee the high quality and reputation of the PVDF fluorocarbon coating, such as 5 coatings, such as PPG companies in the United States, have the permission of Kynar500 fluorocarbon. Card. Similarly, the coating plant must meet the technical requirements of the coating supplier before obtaining the license certificate of the paint supplier, so as to purchase fluorocarbon coatings. The license system of tree ester and coatings ensures the quality of fluorocarbon coatings in a few decades and ensures the ultimate interests of the end users.

Characteristics of fluorocarbon color plate

1, with supernormal stability, it can maintain stable performance in acid and alkaline environment.

2, excellent durability. Fluorocarbon color board still keeps good color and luster for 20 years.

3, excellent processability. After painting, the color plate has high flexibility, impact resistance and post embossing.

Use of fluorocarbon color plate

Fluorocarbon color panels are mainly used for buildings that need indoor and outdoor protection and always maintain their original colors, especially those in advanced buildings or harsh environments. Such as public facilities, airports, business or office buildings, supermarkets, industrial plants, hangar and grain depot and so on.