What are the standards for good quality color coated plates

- Aug 05, 2018-

1. Mechanical property is an important index to measure formability, and is an important parameter to determine and adjust the processing technology. Therefore, it should be considered first in machining.

2. pencil hardness, T bending, impact energy and other indicators are closely related to the processing performance, so we should give full consideration to them.

3. When the parts are complex in shape and large in deformation, they should be formed by multi pass forming. If forming at one time, the bonding force between the coating and the substrate may be destroyed due to the excessive deformation.

4. The appropriate clearance should be set according to the mold shape, deformation characteristics, process conditions and other factors. The thickness of coating should be considered when setting the clearance.

5. Most of the coatings can be used as solid lubricants and meet the lubrication requirements of most forming processes. Some coatings can improve the lubricity of the coating by adjusting the formula. If the lubricity of the coating is not enough, the lubricity can be improved by means of oil coating, wax coating, coating and peeling protective film. But it should be noted that wet lubricants are easy to absorb dirt and should be removed before installation. The stripped protective film should also be removed as soon as possible after construction.

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