Installation of purlin and roof panel

- Apr 22, 2018 -

(1) purlin installation. Welding purlin and roof embedded parts shall be welded by welders with welder qualification certificates and corresponding quality grades shall be achieved. When the purlin is installed, the eaves and ridge purlin should be installed first according to the slope of the roof, then the middle purlin will be installed.

(2) house panel installation. The roof panel is a single color plate plus thermal insulation cotton, first installed the bottom insulation cotton, and then install the surface layer color plate. The roof panel is suspended from the tower crane to the roof. After the first plate is hoisted, it should be placed accurately and temporarily fixed, and the end of the board will be fixed on the purlin with self tapping. After the next end plate is positioned, first bite it with the upper plate, then use the self tapping nail to fix it. Because the roofs are high and there are more storms in summer in Shenzhen, the two ends of the color steel plate must be fixed on the purlin with self tapping screws.

(3) the special-shaped plate includes the cornice plate, the wall edge of the mountain wall, the roof cover plate, the trench and the slot edge of the tiger window. The length of the lap, the position of the rivet, the distance of the rivet and the use of the glass glue should be carried out according to the regulations, so as to ensure the beauty, and to ensure the requirements of firm and water protection.

(4) the joint of the big ditch must be close and reliable. The slope of the gutter and the position of the water inlet should be correct, and the installation of the decorative panels should be firm and beautiful.