The world's most advanced galvanized steel sheet smelting furnace

- May 18, 2017 -

At present, the 124 meters high COREX furnace in China is the only, the largest volume is also the world, the total investment of 3 billion yuan, is the autonomous region key projects.

A 15-storey shelf in the greenhouse, in addition to surrounding the heating pipes, there are 60 furnaces, 24-hour patrol, to ensure temperature and safety, the general patrol will take two hours. "Protection of Refractories in the furnace, the greenhouse must be kept at 0 ℃ above, we require more than 5 ℃." Every detail can not be sloppy, may relate to the world's most advanced iron-smelting equipment can open the normal furnace. Tian Baoshan said, "Serve" the COREX furnace that is not yet functioning is the most important task of his day.

He and 165 of his colleagues have barely spared a day off from the work of the Shing technical programme development and staff training last July. Even in the Spring festival this year, everyone is in the Shing beside the.

Prophase Technical plan formulation, galvanized steel plate and so on work basically ended, is currently in the most critical simulation practice stage, every day he has to lead the technical personnel in the field according to the plan, simulates all the operation before the stove.

During the daytime operation, the modification discussion of some programs took up most of the time, even after work, Tian Baoshan also in their own computer thinking and modifying the various details of the program, the next day to discuss with you, "we have never contacted such advanced technology, everything is groping." ”

COREX process is "melting reduction ironmaking process". Tian Baoshan said the biggest advantage of the galvanized steel sheet smelting furnace is the contribution to environmental protection. New technologies can be used in natural ore, pellets, such as bulk iron ore, the fuel is mainly non-coking coal, ordinary coals can. It reduces the traditional blast furnace ironmaking process caused by sulfur dioxide, nitrogen oxides and other pollutants emission of the most serious sintering and coking link, new technology melting reduction is only molten iron and slag. Once put into operation, it is not to be invested in the later pollution control, not only replaces the traditional energy-consuming ironmaking equipment, but also improves the utilization of resources.