The processing performance of galvanized sheet is excellent

- May 16, 2018 -

The galvanized sheet has the applicable mechanical properties. The strength and hardness of zinc itself is not high, but after adding aluminum and copper alloy elements, the strength and hardness of the alloy are greatly improved, and it is the appearance of zinc copper and titanium alloy. Its comprehensive mechanical properties have been close to or reached the level of aluminum alloy, brass and gray iron, and its creep resistance is also greatly improved. Therefore, zinc, copper and titanium alloys have been widely used in hardware production. It is mainly used for die castings for automobile, building, electrical equipment, household appliances, toys and other parts.

Many zinc alloys have better processability and pass rate can reach 60%-80%. The medium pressure performance is superior, can carry on deep drawing, and has self lubrication, prolong die life, can be brazed or resistance welding or arc welding (in helium gas) for welding, surface can be electroplating, coating treatment, good cutting performance. Under certain conditions, it has superior superplastic performance. Brass, composed of copper, tin and lead, used in machinery manufacturing. Zinc plates containing a small amount of lead and cadmium can be made into zinc manganese dry battery anode, printed zinc plate, powder etching photographic plate and offset printing plate.

Zinc plating has excellent atmospheric corrosion resistance. It is easy to form a protective coating on the surface at room temperature. Therefore, the most important use of zinc is in galvanizing industry. It is widely used in automobile, construction, shipbuilding, light industry and other industries, such as galvanized sheet, which is mainly used for steel and steel structure parts. After twenty-first Century, western countries began to try to use zinc alloy plates as roofing materials directly. The service life of the roofing materials can be up to 120-140 years and reusable, and the service life of the roofing materials with galvanized iron plate is generally 5-10 years. After twenty-first Century, the hot dip galvanizing of steel strips increased significantly.

Zinc plating is also used, but this method is generally used for thinner coatings and different surface finish. The use of zinc containing powder is another method of coating; for objects with continuous contact with water, such as large steel components used in ships, bridges and offshore oil and gas derrick, they are protected only with large zinc blocks, but the zinc block should be replaced regularly.