The method to measure thickness of color coated steel coil

- Nov 13, 2017 -


1.For the domestic color coated steel coil, micrometer method is the best way to measure the thickness of color coated steel coil. It has the advantages of cheap equipment, simple operation, high detection accuracy. The quality supervision departments in HUADA also use the micrometer method to measure the thickness of color coated steel coil. But the micrometer method can’t measure the products that has texture effect in the coating surface, and its test results can only accurate to integer.

2.For the color coated steel coil with texture effect in their surface, DJH method is the test method, it has the advantages of easy operate, fast, and can determine the interface coating. This method can more accurately to test the thickness of bottom paint and top paint. Its disadvantages are: Equipment procurement and operating costs are high; The test results are subjectively influenced by the testing staff; The results are affected by the fluctuation of the substrate.

3.Magnetic – eddy phase method is also a way to measure the coating thickness, and has the advantages of the reasonable equipment cost, simple, fast, high precision on single-point measurement. The disadvantage is that it will be greatly affected by the smoothness and uniformity of substrate surface.