The market prospect of international hot dip galvanized sheet coil

- May 18, 2017 -

A review of the study on Metal Bulletin: Hot-Dip galvanized sheet coil Market prices in major regions of the world are expected to rebound after April 2009, the first half of China's market price rebound is hopeless.

The world's Hot Dip Galvanized (abbreviated HGI) plate Volume market status continues to deteriorate momentum, its uncertainty from September 2008 to 2009 one or two quarters of the intersection. Some producers in China and the United States cut yields to support the market price of HGI, but because of the weak demand for HGI in some parts of the world, the move takes some time to have a positive effect, reducing the total supply of HGI in the World HGI Plate volume by 20%.

In order to attract foreign buyers of a minority of users, those export-oriented HGI plate coil price competition between more and more intense, as far as possible prices. However, the HGI plate volume demand status is uncertain restricting turnover. At present, because the quotation is too low, some users hold a wait and see attitude, purchase and sale activities are affected.

First, the U. S. market: The current local HGI plate market price has fallen to 2007 price level, its demand is quite weak, in the 2009-year first quarter to two quarters at the beginning of its market price will not be a sustained rebound. The production of raw steel in the United States in 2008 years of Four seasons and the first quarter of 2009 to cut more than 10%%, HGI plate Volume production 2009-year decline in the first quarter than the original steel slightly smaller.