Selection of color of color coating plate

- Apr 15, 2018 -

Color coating selection of color coating plate:

The choice of color is mainly to consider the match with the surrounding environment and the hobby of the owner, but from the point of view of the use of technical point of view, the selection of the pigment for the light color paint is large, and the inorganic pigments with superior durability (such as titanium white powder etc.) are selected, and the heat reflection ability of the coating is strong (the reflection number is twice as much as the dark paint), Xia Jitu The temperature of the layer itself is relatively low, which is beneficial for prolonging the service life of the coating. In addition, even if the coating is discoloured or powdered, the contrast between the shallow color coating and the original color is small, which has little influence on the appearance. Deep colors, especially brightly colored ones, are mostly organic colors. They are easy to fade when exposed to ultraviolet radiation. They change color in 3 months.

For color coated steel plate, the thermal expansion rate of coating and steel plate is different, especially the coefficient of linear expansion of metal substrate and organic coating. When the environment temperature changes, the bonding interface between the substrate and the coating will expand or shrink the stress, and if the coating is not properly released, the coating will crack.

Besides, two points should be pointed out in the domestic market.

One is that there are lots of white primers in China. The purpose of using a white primer is to reduce the thickness of the finish, because the corrosion resistant primer in the normal building is yellow green (therefore with Strontium Chromate) and must have enough coat thickness.

Secondly, the color coated steel plates of different manufacturers and different batches are used in the same project for the construction project. It seems that the color is the same in the construction, but after several years of sunlight, the color change trend of different coating different manufacturers is different, which leads to the serious color difference, so there are so many examples. Even the same supplier's products are strongly advised to order the same project once, because different batches of different batches are likely to use products from different coatings suppliers, increasing the possibility of chromatic aberration.