Price difference narrowing galvanized sheet export EU enthusiasm drops

- May 18, 2017 -

"Now the EU's galvanized sheet price and domestic price difference is very small, we export to the EU the amount of galvanized plate very little." "Domestic well-known galvanized sheet joint ventures in Angang new rolling---ThyssenKrupp Zinc Plating Steel Co., Ltd. sales of a manager said." In his view, the recent EU termination of China hot galvanized sheet anti-dumping investigation on the domestic galvanized plate industry has little impact, is a kind of friendly signal, but the symbolic significance.

Haitong Securities and steel industry analyst Liu Yanqi believes that the end of the anti-dumping investigation has little impact, the original China galvanized plate to Europe's export surge, the most important reason is, the European Union's local zinc plating price is about 200 billion dollars higher than our country, but at present only about 40 billion dollars, and the euro relative to the dollar half a year to depreciate 16%, other countries currencies are also relative to the dollar depreciation, China's exports of the EU's hot dip galvanized plate share will be occupied by other countries

According to the international analyst Le Yukun, the current iron and steel listed companies have produced a lot of galvanized sheet, but the production is not small, such as Wisco, Baosteel and Angang and other galvanized sheet production line, basically in the domestic sales, domestic zinc plating capacity has not been able to meet the domestic market demand for some years ago, the domestic self-sufficiency rate is the lower of each steel varieties, relying on imports, in the past three years with the expansion of domestic zinc plating capacity, imports began to decrease, the volume of exports increased.