Influence of logistics development on sales status of galvanized coil sheet in China

- May 18, 2017-

At present, the galvanized coil product sales competition has reached the white-hot degree. For large orders, the product is in advance order. Galvanized coil Production Enterprises can arrange a sufficient production time in advance of the galvanized coil products, and the time to the delivery of products to the door is also in advance budget. But with the development of e-commerce, the logistics industry is now a prosperous sight. Because of the scattered customers in the field of galvanized sheet distribution is very fragmented, with the development of the logistics industry, these customers are now basically at home and waiting for products directly to the home.

Now many galvanized coil enterprises except before only receiving large orders, also opened specially for the scattered galvanized coil users Customer service center, in such a galvanized coil customer service center, there is a daily dedicated to the galvanized coil of small orders of users to the statistics, directly in accordance with the logistics partners in the common production of electronic forms to fill out customer information. Finally, the order information of these records of user electronic form is submitted directly to the logistics company, logistics companies in the professional software to use these records scattered galvanized sheet of customer information to import the form of their own courier system, such a piece of the paper based on the actual information generated by the scattered users of the accurate orders generated.

The high speed development of the logistics industry brings to the galvanized coil board the rapid expansion of the market for the scattered users, which is a great impact on the small galvanized coil retailers now, because the galvanized coil enterprises directly not infrequently does these customers with the absolute price advantage. The original small galvanized coil retailers want to find a better way out.