How to choose the prepainted galvanized steel coil correctly

- Nov 14, 2017 -


Reasonable choice of prepainted galvanized steel coil can not only meet the operating requirements, but also to minimize the cost. The choice of prepainted galvanized steel coil are mainly refers to the choice of mechanical property, substrate type and mechanical property weight.

1.Anti-corrosion is one of the main function of prepainted galvanized steel coil, and substrate type and mechanical property weight are the major factors to influence the corrosion resistance of prepainted galvanized steel coil. The building-use prepainted galvanized steel coil usually choose hot galvanizing substrate and hot-dip aluminizing substrate, it’s also the commonly used substrate of prepainted galvanized steel coil in HUADA. Compared with others, these two substrates have better corrosion resistance.

2.Mechanical property weight shall be determined according to the corrosivity of the use environment. In highly corrosive environments, substrates with good corrosion resistance and high coating weight should be used to ensure that the specified service life and durability are achieved. In addition, select the substrate should also pay attention to the cutting corrosion resistance differences of various substrate types.

3.The choice if front coating property mainly refers to the coating types, coating thickness, coating gloss, coating hardness, coating adhesive force, coating durability and other performance.