How to choose the color coated steel coil exactly?

- Oct 28, 2017-

1. To choose the color coated steel coil according to its use, causticity of service environment, service life and durability. 

2. Antisepsis is one of the main purpose to choose color coated steel coil. The substrate' types and cladding material weight are the main factors to influence the corrosion resistance. To choose the substrate with great corrosion resistance and great cladding material weight is very important in the perishable environment. Besides, when people choose the color coated steel coil substrate, please pay attention on the difference of substrate cut's corrosion resistance. 

3. To choose the substrate according to the use, process pattern and distortion degree. 

4. The common distortion of color coated steel coil is cut, curve and roll in. The mechanics performance may be changed with the color coated crafts and store time. And it is easily to cause creases. So please pay attention on these factors.

Color Coated Galvanized Steel Coils.jpg