How about the application of color coated steel plate?

- Jan 09, 2018-

How about the application of color coated steel plate?

The color coated steel plate has been in existence for sixty years since its birth in 1936. Its application area is expanding with the development of production and the increase of social demand. The color coated steel plate is made of hot-dip galvanized steel sheet. The steel plate is degreased, cleaned, galvanized and chemically transformed first, then the steel strip is continuously coated and finely painted, and the curing surface is solidified by the international advanced curing oven. The color coating plate has excellent decorative, formability, corrosion resistance and climate resistance. For a long time, the color coated products are bright and bright. It has become an ideal material for today's construction industry, transportation manufacturing industry, light industry, office furniture, home appliances, food packaging and other industries.

Outside the door of the house, wall, door frame, light steel structure houses, doors, screens, ceiling decoration, bathroom, elevator lobby, stairs, ventilation, communication channels etc..

Electric fridge, frozen food display case, washing machine, electric oven, cassette recorder, amplifier, regulator, tape recorder, vending machine, air conditioner, electronic computer, duplicator, switchgear, instrument cabinet, electric fan, vacuum cleaner and so on.

Metal and furniture ventilation heating furnace, furnace oil, oil fast water heater, water heater plate, electric water heater shell, making adhesive machine, counter, goods shelves, signs, plates, medical facilities, strap, lamps, bath tub, activities, wardrobe, table, bedside cabinets, bed, sofa, tea table. The chair, cleaning machine, locker, bookcase, bookshelf, bookcase, file boxes, reading frame etc..

Transport vehicle ceiling, backplane, panels, interior decoration board, car shell, trailers, tractors, cars, car plate, dashboard, console shell, tram, train ceiling, partition, wall, door, car equipment, tea table, partition board, ship board furniture, flooring, container, highway fence etc..

Other musical instruments shell, keyboard, body weight, garbage can, ash bin, gauge, instrument tray, thermos bottle shell, photographic equipment, typewriter, toy blackboard, bulletin board, timepiece, lighter, bag, packaging container, etc.

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