General Hot-Dip Galvanizing vs.Continuous Sheet Galvanizing

- Oct 20, 2017 -

General Galvanizing

Hot-rolled structural steel, plate, grating, expanded metal, fasteners, small parts, tubing pipe, etc. is singularly (collectively on fixtures or perforated baskets for small parts) suspended by chain, hook, or wire and passed through a cleaning process, molten zinc bath, and quench (air or water). 


Bridges, light poles, communication towers, electrical poles, electrical substations,transmission towers, guardrail, sign structures, nails, fasteners, stadiums & racetrack structures, truck & trailer frames, wastewater treatment facilities, agricultural and irrigation equipment, ornamental gates & fences, transportation (rail & bus stations), ports/docks


Continuous Galvanizing

hot- or cold-rolled steel in  coil form is unwound and in  ribbon fashion passed through  a chemical cleaning process,  a bath of molten zinc (or zinc  alloy), a high pressure air flow  to remove excess zinc and  control the coating thickness,  dried, and recoiled for further processing into slit coil or cut to length form.


Automotive body panels, appliances, HVAC duct, framing studs, roofing, guiderail, signs (painted).