Functional characteristics of patterned plate

- Jan 30, 2018 -

The thickness of zinc coating and the thickness of paint coating are higher than that of mainstream products, and the anti ultraviolet coating can make products better weatherability and prolong their service life and fade years. This product is widely used in decoration and decoration, and we will understand the features of the decorative color steel plate in detail.

The pattern color steel plate can be further processed by mechanical equipment. It can pierce, bend, curl, calender, and can be glued and riveted. After processing, the ideal structural profile and composite plate can be made, which has strong applicability and decoration.

The pattern color steel plate overcomes the shortcomings of laminating, transfer printing, color change, aging, layering and falling off, and bad shape. It has the advantages of saving time and labour, low manufacturing cost, no fading, aging, fire prevention and rain protection. Its economic recovery and regenerative nature makes people's living environment beautiful, green and green.

In the use of floral plate, if the perforating and cutting edge is needed, the naked cross section of the plate needs to take the measures of repairing the rust in order to prevent corrosion. When the rolling equipment is used for processing, it is necessary to avoid sharp injury, excessive stamping and extension. The opening and handling of the field should avoid collision, folding, and friction to avoid damage to the surface.