Domestic market turbulence weakening of coated sheet coil

- May 18, 2017 -

The recent domestic coating coil market overall weakness, prices continued to fall, analysts believe that the downstream demand has not significantly improved this before the coating coil market will continue to maintain a weakened pattern.

Shanghai market galvanized coil prices continue to fall slightly yin. The market is 1.0 mm and above specifications of ordinary galvanized coil plate Wisco, Angang, Benxi Steel and other mainstream resources quoted in 4,800 to 4,850 yuan/ton, Shougang resource quotation 4,780 yuan/ton or even lower, market has a small amount of resources have 4,750 yuan/ton of quotation, while still there are a few strong businessmen are quoted price of 4,900 to 4,950 yuan/ton of situation; 0.7 mm Resource quote 5,050 yuan/ton, 0.5 mm, Benxi steel resource quotation for 5, About 200 yuan/ton, the market quotation is still more chaotic. The price of galvanized steel coil in Beijing market has been low overall, is Benxi steel 1.0 mm by 1,000 by C quote 5,050 yuan/ton, 1.0 mm by 1,250 by C quote 5,000 Yuan/ton, Heng Tong 1.0 mm by 1,000 by C quote 5,000 yuan/ton, 0.5 mm by 1,000 by C quote 5,200 Yuan/ton. Color coating: Xinyu 0.476 mm by 1,000 by C quote 5,770 Yuan/ton, Hebei steel column minus 200 Yuan/ton, 0.47 mm by 1,000 by C quote 5,750 Yuan/ton, 0.35 mm by 1,000 by C quote 6,150 Yuan/ton

Coated plate coil Market price cold hot-rolled into the overall impact of the decline, the overall market in the weak analysis of the pattern, downstream industry demand continued low, market transaction is quite limited. At present, traders in the late market trend is more confused, market prices continue to fall, and the current quotation is difficult to deal, but some steel factory prices still have raised, so the situation, traders, although the willingness to take goods, but the downstream demand is not picking up, only to wait and see mainly.