Domestic Hot Dip galvanized sheet production record high

- May 18, 2017-

The steel industry is now beginning to really enter the winter. According to the data published by CISA, January, large and medium-sized steel enterprises lost 1.134 billion yuan, the loss area reached 44.32%, a record high, is expected to be the first quarter of the year from 2000 to the worst benefit. However, the first quarter of crude steel production will also create a record high.

Statistics show that January, hot-dip galvanized sheet demand fell 8.6%%, steel production also decreased by 3.2%, the steel price index has fallen below 96, creating a 20-year lowest. and January, large and medium-sized iron and steel enterprises to achieve sales revenue fell 50% percent, the realization of profits for the loss of 1.134 billion yuan, the loss of 44.32%, hitting a record high.

CISA authorities predict that February, these large and medium-sized enterprises to further increase the loss of the amount of about 1.8 billion yuan ~20 billion, the first two months total loss of about 3 billion yuan. 2013, although domestic and large steel enterprises have a profit, but the country's 5 million tons of steel enterprise sales profit margin of only 0.55%, if hot galvanized sheet to invest income, steel industry is actually in the loss state.

Despite the increase in the loss, steel companies still do not have the willingness to shut down production, the country still continues to grow. According to the National Bureau of Statistics, January ~ February, the national crude steel production 131 million tons, a year-based growth 1.7%; pig iron production 117 million tons, growth 0.2%; steel production 166 million tons, growth 4.9%. Average Nissan is 2.2169 million tons of crude steel, a record high.