color plate young?

- Feb 05, 2018 -

Color plate young? May wish to "jump" to achieve compliance

Jumping is Tencent's mini-game launched on WeChat in late 2017 and is known as the "National Game" after its release. The success of "jumping", an internet author, reassured it that four steps needed to be taken: triggering, acting, changing rewards, and investing. To sum up, that is, "simple operation + platform upgrade + brush screen effect + user psychology." If the color plate industry also play "jump", in the "GAME OVER" before how many points?

Color steel manufacturers

Color steel manufacturers

The key to young products in the simple, environmentally friendly

"Jumping" is not only easy to operate, but also allows you to "jump" by touching the duration of the phone screen with your finger. The image you are designing is also geometric three-dimensional images such as cylinders and squares. The color steel plate product simplification is not just the appearance of the use of simple and stylish texture, color, finish, but also from the construction of advanced environmental protection, functional diversification. "The easier it is to be, the easier it is to be accepted and remembered by people." In this case, the simpler and easier consumer designs, the easier the operation, the more diversified features capture the hearts and minds of young people, Like since there are Alipay, WeChat and other convenient payment methods, in order to see the 90, 00 after the mouth with money to buy the phenomenon is relatively small.

Product requirements are simplified

Product design is the trend of alignment, the trend of pure color, such as color steel plate 2018 new lines through geometric lines, wood and other simple combination to create a "light life" home style. In addition to the appearance of color, the selection of paint is also very crucial, "Environmental Tax" promulgated and implemented also shows that consumers of paint VOC, formaldehyde and other substances released more and more requirements. "Oil to water" concept proposed that many manufacturers started to do water-based paint, first introduced the use of water-based paint color steel plate, no doubt the first profit in the market.

Resource integration platform to be upgraded

"Jump hop" applet game is still successful in the entrance to upgrade, not only at the top of the home page can be entered directly, but also update the WeChat version there are jumping applet game reminder - "play a small game is a downright." In recent years, color plate manufacturers began to try to go e-commerce channels. However, when brands do strategic upgrades, it goes far beyond this and includes the following:

(1) Expand investment channels, relax investment conditions, and provide a variety of investment support policies, and brands have also introduced a number of investment policies, such as rebate policy, sample discounts, lower the threshold for accession to more groups also added to the color Steel industry in the past. As a distributor, through the brand's influence and its own circle of word of mouth spread, you can quickly find more consumer groups.

Color plate

Color plate

(2) The means of brand promotion continue to push new ideas, from celebrity endorsements and media campaigns to publicity such as entering the highways, motor cars and airports. The wider the spread, the greater the chance that younger people will be exposed to the brand.

(3) selection activities to help brand promotion, industry selection activities, media selection activities, many brands are involved. The use of Huiya media, WeChat public number and other channels for coverage of news coverage, in fact, this is also one of the hot spot performance, easy to be young groups in the search for "color plate brand", "top ten brands" and other key words to see To the brand.

Marketing needs young "promoter"

However, how the product game, platform upgrades, and ultimately need to play marketing "promoter." Color plate manufacturers in the team building should also consider the "younger", because it is like playing "jump", my father will not know and touch before the son, so this will often be initiated around his son until his father know that either Is to condemn the game harm, or is to join the "clan", the other is to analyze the reasons for the game hot, collect a lot of analytical data, and thus refer to their own careers. As a manufacturer engaged in color steel plate industry, the first to know that consumers may not be the boss preferences, but the sales staff and operators.

(1) offline shopping guide easy to communicate

In the store, there is no generation gap communication will let sellers know more about the idea of consumers, so that these ideas can be collected together, to the headquarters to the new creation and brand promotion is also helpful. So, how to achieve smooth communication? Manufacturers commonly used means is to recruit a group of the same age and the target group of sales staff. In addition to letting employees know about the brand, product and store policies, the most important thing is to train them to become "masked" people, to learn to speculate on the purchase needs of consumers and to promote the promotion The success rate of the transaction.

(2) young operators online easy to pay attention

For online operators is concerned, you need to recruit some professional 90, 00 after the young groups. Maybe you have a question: Is this young enough to be a professional? Actually, instead of requiring all operators to be young people, only one or two additional operators are needed to diversify their operations because they will seize the opportunities most experienced by young people Points of concern, whether it is to promote the brand Ye Hao, or Ye Hao sales of the product, are helpful.

Color plate

Color plate

"Rejuvenation" In fact, the biggest point is also reflected in the "custom", "custom" is still a high degree of heat, as more and more young people like to have their own style. In this general trend of customization, whenever the strength of the color steel manufacturers have tried to "jump", the custom color plate has also joined its own strategy.

Therefore, the color plate manufacturers want to go along with the trend of "younger" should be more broad vision, the dynamic building materials industry attention, but also can learn new strategies in other industries, such as real estate, cars, and even can Attention and learning like "jump" applet game. Only in this way can we further perfect the strategic layout of "rejuvenation" so that "rejuvenation" is not only a slogan, but a practical application.